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"He is wonderful. He takes cases everyone else has given up on.


Of course he asks the same questions each time he sees you to find out the progress or lack thereof. He treats his patients with the utmost respect and kindness. He is completely honorable. If there is an emergency, he sees you right away. If you are in pain, he is upset. If he admits you to the hospital, he comes to see you right away, and other patients who have been there longer are still wondering where their doctors are. He’s a great humanitarian and I went to him for 20 years until I moved away and have not replaced him. I have sent so many patients to him that had no one to go to…not everybody gets a diagnosis in one visit. He never terminates a patient ..he will find another doctor if he feels he is not right for you. This man is an old fashioned healer and there are not too many of them around. He spends time with each patient."

- Laura Stegner
"Great doctor and staff. Wish all offices were run like this. The doctor is very compassionate and spends lots of time with his patients."
- John Franklin